I need stitch markers

I went to Michael’s last night and couldn’t find any. I need all sizes, but I specifically need some for larger needles as well. It seems I don’t have any that fit a size 10 or larger needle. Is anyone here selling any? I want pretty ones! :slight_smile:

If no one here has any you might check etsy…they have some cute ones there… I usually buy white rings for .97 cents for the larger needles…hrmm I can’t find them on joanns.com but found thesethat are close to mine just not Susan Bates :teehee:

One thing you could maybe try is to take, say, 4" lengths of contrasting yarn and tie them into loops. Then use these loops as markers along your needle/s.

It’s a good interim technique.

I’ve also used those plastic rings that you get with the blank DVDs that us computer-dvd-burners use. Those work pretty well and have a right good-sized hole.


I bought some, I thought at Michael’s, but it was probably JoAnn. Check them out. I got a packet of the little plastic split ring ones which included some big ones, for $3-4. They’re not the beautiful beaded ones that people share about here,but they work! :slight_smile:

You can find some here

And some jumbo ones here

Thanks for the ideas.

I must have looked in the wrong place at Michael’s last night, although I think I was all over the store! Now that I think about it, the metal rings I have been using came in a “learn to knit” kit by Susan Bates. I did see some of those last night, but I obviously don’t want the whole kit!

Another idea, if you are at Michael’s is go to the bead section - I buy the jump rings to use at stitch markers. They come in all sizes and they are really cheap - I think I got 25 of them for $2.00 and they are all on sale at 30% off this week.

Some time ago on “Knitty Gritty” there was knit bit about making your own stitch markers, of course I deleted the show and can’t find anything on the website, but they were very pretty! I liked the idea that you could make different stitch markers to then use in various ways, beg/end, middle, etc. They were used with the jump rings and then attaching beads to them, it looked do-able IMO.

If anyone has any help for making your own I would appreciate it.

I’ve used the larger size clasps from the beading department, both the lobster claw and c-ring ones. They slip over the needles and have a loop you can use to attach beads to. You can get those up to fairly big sizes. Also the white plastic carbona rings work well. I like these because I can get exactly what I want.

Clover puts out a product called a Locking Stitch Marker (looks similar to a small plastic diaper pin). They come in packages of (small size) “20” or (jumbo size) “15”. There are two different colours in each package. They are approximately $6 a package, regular price. They come in a little plastic envelope style case for storage. I got mine yesterday at Michaels, which was a good choice because they have a 30% sale on all yarn and yarn accessories this week. If you can’t find them in the yarn section yourself, ask! I am using the small size on US 10.5 needles and they slide quite easily. I had the horrible plastic rings but they just did not slide well for me.

I can’t find fancy stitch markers anywhere so I am using these, because a pattern I am working on calls for stitch markers.

Good luck!

Somewhere on this site, Artlady posted a bunch of useful information on making your own.

Here - http://www.knittinghelp.com/forum/showthread.php?t=62912&highlight=custom+stitch+marker - is the thread on how to make your own stitch markers. Enjoy. It’s a lot of fun. :slight_smile:

If you buy the jump rings to use as stitch markers, why not spring an extra few bucks on beads and headpins to make your own “pretty” ones. Once you’ve gone and checked out Art Lady’s tutorial, you’ll see how easy they are to make (and addicting!).

I have some, not to expensive $2 each, I can take pics nand send to you of you want
but I would need some for shipping as well


The addicting part is why I was avoiding making my own!!! I’m already addicted to the knitting…

ecb: Whenever you get some time, I’d love to see what you have!

Hi Ronda! :waving: The photo tutorial (step by step creation of a stitch marker) is located on HERE ON page 4 of Custom Stitch Markers. I don’t know if you ever plowed through far enough to find the tutorial. I didn’t start the thread with the intentions of posting photos, or I would have put them on the Original Post. But, several knitters asked for some additional help on how to make them…so I made a stitch marker specially for this thread (and took step by step photos)

As things progressed on the thread, Larudden (Leslie) volunteered a lot of additonal ideas for making stitch markers that don’t need a separate jumpring, and are ultimately less costly. :cheering:
Good luck, and don’t hesitate to ask for additonal help! :thumbsup: