I need some knitting help!

[size=6][color=cyan]:evil: I have only gotten past the first knit row. Please someone tell me what to do after that!!! PLEASE!!![/color][/size] :mrgreen: :x

i am assuming you are working on straight needles. you will be doing garter stitch --that is just straight up knitting. ok, so flip your work around so that the needle with all the sitches on it is in your left hand. position your yarn so it is behind the left needle. this is the only thing that should be at all tricky: on that first stitch if you push it up you are going to see what may be confused for 2 stitches. some are inclined to push it up (back, whatever) b/c it appears to tighten your work. don’t make that mistake. push down on that first stitch so that it looks like all the other ones on the needle. insert the empty needle in your right hand to the left front side of the first stitch, going along the front of the left needle to begin knitting the same way you did the last row.

go to amy’s basics techniques to watch a short little video. this is much more helpful than trying to explain it. good luck!