I need some input

I was planning on ripping this vest I almost have done out and making kid sweaters with the yarn. I was mostly doing this because I ran out of the dark green. Now I found some more in my stash, and am not sure if I should finish it or still rip it out. I don’t know if it looks decent on me. Will you take a peek and tell me what you think? http://www.chroniclesofyarnia.com

Hi YarnMommy! :smiley:

Oh, those colors are very cute together! :inlove:

:thinking: Hmmm, I think you’re right about the boxy-ness. I think you could get away with it, but that you might not be happy with it in the end. Horizontal stripes are notorious for emphasizing width.

I think those colors would make an ADORABLE kids sweater though!! I vote for that option. :thumbsup:

Love the colors! It seems like a shame to rip it out though with how much you have done. Maybe when you are finished you could add some waist shaping with a sewing machine??? Kind of like steeks??? Maybe someone else can speak to the effectiveness of that idea…I’ve never tried it but it sure would be nice if it would work!

Like the new blog look! I haven’t checked in for a while.

I agree, love the colors!! But think that it needs shaping (I have no idea how that would be done). I just hate to see all of your work undone…but if you don’t think that you will be happy with it now, I don’t think that you will be after putting even more work into it, know what I mean? All of that frogging breaks my heart…but you need to be happy with the end product :wink:

It actually doesn’t bother me to rip things out at all, unless it is something that I am in love with. I am NOT in love with the striped monstrosity.

I am almost done with it, just need to weave in ends, so I will wear it tomorrow and see what my friends think. I have a feeling I will be making little kid sweaters out of it though. BUT, I did figure out what the problem is. I am making things too big. I held it in the back so that it was more form fitting and it looked a million times better. sigh

Thank you for the help! I’ll have to look up that steeking thing before I do anything drastic. :wink:

I think that would be a very wise decision! That’s my fear when I begin sweaters (target date…beginning 2006!) is that I won’t be able to shape them properly…but, practice makes perfect, as they say :wink:
Let us know your decision :smiley:

I would vote for some waist shaping, but YOU just called it a monstrosity. You dont like it. :wink: