I need sewing seam Help

I am making these http://www.simpaticoyarns.com/slippers.htm slippers for my mom. My edges are a little “wonkey” and I cant get it seamed where it looks good. What would be the best way to seam up a wonkey edge?

They dont take very long to knit so If need be I could rip it back and start over… but if thats the case could anyone give me advice on making my edges better so seaming wont Grind my Nerves??


I always use mattress stitch to sew seams. It doesn’t matter if the edges are wonky because you stitch a bit in from the very edge.

Amy has video on how to do it in the Basic Techniques/more section.

I did try to do the mattress stitch to seam it up, but it didnt look so hot. The pattern say to seam it between the cables at the top of the foot… but when I do it, the cables become one weird wonky cable, I just can’t make it look like the patterns picture. Maybe I need to add a few stitches to either side of the cable so I would have more room to seam between the cables…
Is there any way to change the pattern to working it in a round to avoid the whole wonky weird seam??

Here’s a few links to help.
Scroll down to finishing/seaming section.
Mattress Stitch

And check here for more seaming help.
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