I need my conscience soothed

Okay, first of all, I am making a the lace nightie from Interweave Knits (it’s a bonus pattern online), and I am on like round 5. Is it bad, even though I know I messed up on the last part of round 5, with the lace, if I just keep going? Since I am not that familiar with lace, (this is my first one), I am not sure where to put my life line, and I don’t think at this point I am going to be able to tell the difference between a ssk and k2tog. So I am starting fresh on the new round, is that okay?

And is it bad that i got bored with stockinette stich. Like literally yawning and falling asleep, to the point I didn’t want to knit anymore, which is why I am making lace?

#1 is entirely up to you - when you finish it, will that bit nag at you, or will you not care?

The second, I actually can get drowsy while doing a plain stockinette, garter, or rib. I just figured it was really relaxing to me - I have a lot of trouble sleeping, so that’s a blessing! :lol:

Obsessing over mistakes happen to some knitters, not to others. If you’re one to obsess, then fix it. If not, knit on! Were I in your situation, I’d just ignore the mistake and be on my merry way. (In fact, everything I’ve knit has one of those little blips…at least one.)

Stockinette is boring. Very. But, it’s handy when watching TV or reading since no thinking is necessary for the knitting itself.

Knitting is supposed to be fun and enjoyable. If you find you are getting bored change it up like you did. I get bored with projects so I have at least 2 otn at any one time so I can switch when I get bored with one.

As for the “mistakes.” If you find it looks ok, why worry about it? Everyone, even expert knitters, make mistakes from time to time as it is all just part of knitting. Relax and don’t worry about it!

A Sigh of Soothing

This is why I love these boards…

thank you.

I’ve been knitting lace for about ten years. My one question to you about your mistake is do you have the correct stitch count now for the row you are on?

If the answer is yes and you feel you can live with the mistake then by all means proceed. If the answer is no, you do not have the correct number of stitches then you should go back and find the mistake and fix it before going on.

With non-lace knitting you can add or subtract a stitch here and there if you need to without any problems further on. With lace you can throw the whole thing out of kilter if you increase or decrease in the wrong place. If you are not already doing so, you should be counting the number of stitches on each pattern row before you go on to the next row.

Put in a lifeline after any row (you might want to be extra careful to put one in just before a really tricky part, and just after it if you know you have done it right). It sounds like you can’t read your knitting so it may be helpful to remember which row you were on: you could tie a tiny piece of paper to the end saying ‘row 4’ or you could write down that the pink lifeline was on a row 4, the blue one was on a row 11, etc.

My most knowledgeable friends.

I counted my stitches and I was one off. I think I might have dropped a stitch. I on the second of three repeats for the feather border (the pattern is on interweave knits, patterns, and under lingerie, it is the “Lacie Nightgown”.) The first round looks okay, so I don’t think i am going to worry about it too much. Plus, I have started over like 3 times already. So, i am going to breath, and hope she doesn’t notice.

My second comment is, that I really studied my knitting last night, and I can now tell the yarn overs and the K2tog. So, I think I am getting it. I am going to be taking Amy Singer’s class next month (Wheeeee!!!), on the Tuscany Shawl, so hopefully, I get this lace thing down.