I need magic loop sock knitting help-please!

I am taking a class for magic loop sock knitting and I am confused. I was wondering if anyone has a great, simple, pattern they would share with me for a magic loop sock pattern knitting it from the top to the toe. Thanks everyone!!

What are you confused about?

You can usually find a pattern similar to what you’re looking for online. Sites like Ravelry.com have lots to choose from, for example:


If you haven’t used the Ravelry site before, you will need to sign up in order to view the patterns, forums, etc. but it is quick, easy and free to do. Once you’ve signed up, you can do your own search for more magic loop sock patterns if none of the ones I’ve suggested are quite what you’re looking for … I just searched “magic loop socks” on the pattern page and there were LOTS of results. :thumbsup:

Good luck!

Thanks so much! I’ll check out the sites.

I am having problems with the gusset. My pattern part for these socks are k2 p2 and I’m having issues with remembering when to pick up the pattern and when to just plain knit all around both needles.

It probably isn’t helping that I just had a car accident and the meds are not letting me concentrate like I normally do. I was just wondering if someone had a real easy pattern that had everything spelled out. The teacher I have is a little confusing.


Sounds like you are knitting a k2 p2 ribbing for the cuff and it continues past the heel? What I usually do is knit the ribbing on the instep (top of the sock) but just do straight knitting on the heel side. It feels better on the bottom of the feet.

You didn’t say if you were knitting these in profile (half the heel and half the instep on one side). Stitch markers come in handy for this.

I am doing just what you said-glad someone understands what I’m doing-LOL!! I have stitch markers but that is where I am confused by what the instructor said. I think one round I start out with K1 K2tog and then knit to the last three stitches before the other marker (straight knit or in K2P2 pattern-I just don’t know?). Then Row 2 is knit around both needles (does that mean knit in pattern or just straight knit?). Then repeat these rows until you have the desired length for your foot. I tried to do this and it doesn’t look like it is picking the pattern (K2P2) back up to match the rest of the sock. Do you know what I’m doing wrong?

When she says “knit around” that means work a row in pattern without decreasing. In other words, knit even in pattern.

Your ribbing should be on the instep, plain knit on the heel portion.
The heel portion is where your decreases are (aka gusset).