I need ideas.. kid project or game

This Saturday I need to set up my booth for a kids carnival at Joann’s (I’m the knitting teacher). I’m responsible for coming up with either a quick game or project for kids to participate in.

I think I’d rather have a little project, something they can make pretty quickly, like in 10 minutes or so, and something where the supplies are cheap. It needs to be knitting related, or at least YARN related.

I have NO idea what to do and I have to be ready by Saturday! I’m starting to panic. Please help!?!

How about finger-knitting a headband/bookmark/um…length of fabric:teehee:?

How about getting them to make a stitch marker? A piece of wire, some beads and voila! A rundimentary stitch marker.

God’s eyes (can’t remember the spanish name). I made these with sunday school classes and scout troops. Very Simple. http://www.caron-net.com/kidfiles/kidsapr.html

I like HamaLee’s suggestion of finger-knitting.
Another idea might be teaching them to make their own pom pom’s? They could decorate them too, it’s easy to make little “pets” with googly eyes and some felt.

That’s a cute idea!!

Ooooo I like pompom guys, that’s a great idea. I think that’s the winner so far…

I did consider finger knitting too, but to get really good looking results, the kids will need to knit up a good length, bigger than a bookmark I think. And a novelty yarn works best… and now we’re getting too 'spensive. :stuck_out_tongue:

I think the pom poms is a great idea- or you could have them make icord with a french loom (those little circles of wood with pins)? as I remember, I was fascinated with the cord that appears like magic from those pretty quickly. (and use cheap yarn!)

I like the pompom guys idea.

You could also do braided “friendship bracelets” out of yarn.

Ooo I like this idea too!! Maybe I could do both and let the kids decide which one they want to make…

Yeah, I’m gonna use cheap yarn. I’ve always said that every yarn has it’s purpose and this is THE reason there is Red Heart Super Saver! heehee!

LOL- Amen!!!

How about making a yarn tassel and glueing wiggly eyes on it?

Make a long tassel and then makes a shorter wrapped piece that you tie on both ends. Tuck that into the long tassel sideways to make “arms” and then tie underneath the arms to hold it in. That makes a yarn lady. Separate the “skirt” part and tie two legs and make a yarn man. I used to love these things.

A quick tutorial…:muah:

EDIT: Of course, they uploaded out of order! Grrrrr…

Anyhow, you can probably get the idea. The long end of the book (love the trashy romance!) is the body, the short end is for the arms.

You could even make up some tassels ahead of time for the little ones!

Well, I had a couple test runs on the i-cord and pompom ideas. Both take too long and are too involved. The pompom idea is better than the icord (which even took too long with my 15 year old test subject), but there’s still too much going on. sigh

I talked to the coordinator at Joanns and she said I need to have a project or game that will take no more than 5 minutes from start to finish. YIKES. I have NO idea what I’m going to do!!!

Is there a “magic trick” of some kind you could do or teach them that uses a piece of yarn ? Or, teach them how to make a slip knot using stirng red licorice … then they get to eat the licorice… We knitted with it at one of my Kids Knit meetings… very funny. you could write their name with glue and they could stick yarn on it … 5 minutes is not enough time to even get the next group to your table ! who can untangle their piece of yarn the fastest…
oh oh … what about “cat’s cradle” with yarn that you put on your fingers and put your hand in and it comes undone …

LOL I know… it’s not much time. But the reason is that kids will come and go all day and while I want to attract kids to my table, I can’t keep them for long. And it will likely only be 1 or 2 kids at a time, but lots of them throughout the day. Ugh, this is driving me crazy. :zombie:

Or ball yarn the fastest… I see this being a very productive endeavor ;). Good luck thinking of something. Kids can be a harsh audience.

How about a braided key chain or book mark.Wouldn’t think braiding would take to long.Or how about bracelets,all kids love bracelets.

Yeah, a braided bookmark or bracelet.
Maybe you could make really small pom poms with chunky yarn?
I can’t think of any kind of yarn craft that goes as fast as five minutes!

Ok, going on your suggestions, and my experimentation, I’m gonna have them make bracelets. A chain stitch crochet bracelet made with 2 or more strands of yarn… and with their fingers only. They can add pony beads for decoration. It’ll be quick, easy, no tools, no glue, and they can customize it by choosing their own colors. Sound good?

Thank you ALL for your suggestions and help!!