I need ideas for sanitizing yarn! :)

Hello everyone,

My mom, who is an avid bargain hunter, recently bought a large quantity of yarn from a thrift store. There were some great finds in there, and I was very pleased! However, I am concerned about things like bacteria, lice, and bedbugs. Are there any suggestions on how to sterilize the yarn without damaging it. Some of the yarns are acrylics, some are wools, and some are blends; it’s hard to tell with some because only half have labels still with them. Any suggestions and tips will be greatly appreciated!!! :slight_smile:

Okay, here’s what I’ve read: Drying items on high heat for like 45 minutes kills bedbugs. And freezing yarn kills other kinds of critters (maybe this is for lice–not sure).

I would recommend just doing a portion of the yarn for the drying thing first–especially since you don’t know what some of the yarns are. That way if it shrinks or melts or is otherwise messed up, you’ll know not to do the whole skein. I would also put the yarn in a lingerie bag to wash and dry it. Good luck!

good question. i buy yarn from thrift stores all the time and never thought about what might lie beneath. :gah: