I need help

My birthday is coming and I want to to try to do sweater for myself with some cables but I don’t want to much seaming if any does anybody know of a good pattern?

My sister is knitting this one http://vogueknitting.com/charts/2007/vk25/KFI.pdf which has minimal seaming, at least as she’s described it to me.

Are you on ravelry? I know I have seen several top-down raglan type cabled sweaters with very minimal seaming.

I picked up Wendy Bernard’s new book Custom Knits yesterday and she has a fantastic pattern for a reversible raglan with a cable panel running down the front. It’s called the Backward Cable Pullover. It’s really pretty and she includes great instructions in the book on how to customize it to fit your body and style. It’s really a great book. And it’s knit all in one piece from the top down. If you’re on ravelry, here’s a picture.