I Need Help

hello to all,

I have a window perch for my kittys. They love to sit or lie on it, and sun or watch the hummingbirds.

The problem I have is that they’ve used it so much, that it’s misshapen, and covered with hair. It’s really quite ugly, and I want to knit a new cover for it. The problem is, that I’m a new knitter, and I don’t quite know how to improvise. I need a pattern written out that tells me exactly what to do. I know that’s pretty pathetic. Anyway, here’s a picture of the perch, and please ignore the snotty nose prints left on the window by my curious felines. Now matter how often I try to clean it, they always seem to be there. :slight_smile:

I suggest you research “felting”. You can knit a basic rectangle in a feltable yarn (ie 100 wool) and then felt it by washing it in hot water and then fold it over like a book, sew up the sides (or do that before washing) and slip it on like a pillow case. Felting makes a thicker fabric that kitties would love ! i know mine does when he sits on something i’m making. you can get some wools pretty inexpensively with a little research (www.knitpicks.com). Prefelting, your knitting is done on larger needles (not huge) at a looser gauge so it shrinks when you knit…
look it up yo! :thumbsup:

would the finished product be stretchy, or does the sizing need to be exact?

if you want it stretchy dont worry about the felting.

measure the base of the perch, the width, length and depth

say its 10" x 20" x 2"

find the yarn you want to use, maybe some others have suggestions, i dont know what your preferences and needs are, but i wouldnt worry too much about what it is as long as its washable and not prone to fraying. encore chunky might be a good choice.

swatch a gage. that means casting on 30 or so stitches (if its the chunky) and knitting until it measure 4" in length and then count how many stitches pr inch you have. say its 3 stitches pr inch

310 = 30
20 = 60

so cast on 60 stitches (or 30 if you prefer!)and knit 10 + 2 =12 inches in length (or 20 + 2 = 22 inches if you did a 30 cast on) in garter stitch

then make another one
then sew them together, leaving one end open to do some sort of closure like a zipper (buttons would be cat toys so zippers are probably better)

i think a simple slip stich would be more durable, but i dont know if you want to do it. let me know if you would like to try adn ill write that out for you

binky is right, i think felting would be yummier for the kitties, just a little more involved. you get to learn a new technique!

here is a primer on felting

I agree that I think it needs to be felted. An unfelted knitted perch would be way to stretchy and soon the kitties would be sitting on the floor. Actually, if I were you I would probably buy some fabric (washable) and sew one.


When you felt something you have the ability to stretch it out about as you block it.

The negative would be not being able to toss it in the wash when it gets covered in kitty hair again.

jdee wrote:
would the finished product be stretchy, or does the sizing need to be exact?

if you want it stretchy dont worry about the felting

I wasn’t especially want it stretchy, I was just wondering if it would be able to stretch over the perch, if I accidentally made it too small.

You’re right about not needing it too stretchy, because the fabric just slips over a metal frame, leaving the middle to act sort of like a hammock. They would end up on the floor. :teehee:

I have LOTS of sugar and cream cotton yarn (Hobby Lobby had a sale :heart: ). It’s enexpensive, washable, and durable, so I thought it would be a good choice. I don’t think it will felt, so that would be out. I also have some wool that I ordered from knit picks to make a scarf, and some fingerless gloves. I wait until I see if I have any leftover, and try the felting. I have to admit, though, that I’m still a bit intimidated by felting.

If you don’t want to knit one, Fosters & Smith has replacement kitty perch covers. They have them in either the faux lambswool or a printed faux fur.

Thank you stitchwitch, I didn’t know they sold replacement covers.