I need help!

:cheering: I’m about to start a felted bag and I will be using four different colors of yarn. I’ve never used that many. I want to buy those little “things” that I can wrap some of the yarns around as I’m knitting along the rows. :XX:

Can anyone tell me where online I can purchase them? I checked a few stores in my area and no one had them. I know what they look like :shock: but I don’t remember what they are officially called. :oops:

Thanks for any help.

:cheering: I know what they are called now…Knitting Bobbins. But I just came across a site that says don’t even bother to use them…see below and what do you all do? Do you use them or not? :??


I have used them, and to be honest, they’re more trouble than they’re worth. They tend to get caught on each other. If I’m not using a great deal of a particular color, I let the strand hang. It’s much, much easier to pull on strand up through the inevitable tangle than to try to untangle bobbins or balls. If I’m using a lot of a particular color, then I might roll a small ball.

I was just going to say that Kaffe Fassett, the king of color, recommends letting his strands hang, and then looked at your link. :lol:

So how much length-wise do you let dangle at a time? Whatever is manageable and depending on how often that color is used? And when you get done with that length, just create another strand and knit away (as long as you are using that color)?

Yes, pretty much. I try to gauge how much I’ll need and might go as long as 5 feet. A lot depends on how many strands there are at any time and the type of yarn. Some yarns tangle more easily than others. When that one gets used, I just weave it in and attach another strand.

I agree with Ingrid: bobbins are a pain.
The individual strands I use are about 18"long, which doesn’t sound like much, but if you’re doing intarsia (as I assume you are), you can just add another strand when you need it. Anything longer than 24" will make it hard to separate the strands.

Some people make little “butterflies” with each color. These are figure 8’s that you wind around your fingers and tie in the center. They’re supposed to feed easily as you knit, but I find them more trouble than they’re worth, both to make and to work with.

The pattern I am going to do is a bag and I need to change a color about ever 22 stitches. Then in some rows about every 10 stitches. I’ll be using four colors. :XX: :XX:

I think I’ll “catch” some of the yarns in between in the back of some stitches so I don’t have a big long strand going across the 22 stitches until I need that color again.

This is my first time trying this. I’ll keep you all posted. Thanks for your help! :smiley:

Definitely catch the yarn. Even if you’re felting, you want to avoid loops and puckering.