I need help

My pattern says:

Row 3 K 3, yo, knit to end of Row

I am not sure if I just YO once or Yarn over to the end of the row :frowning:

Does the pattern have a row of eyelets or just one at the beginning?

I suspect that you only do the one yo or you’ll be increasing your number of stitches by 25%.

I’d read that pattern as yarn over once and knit to end of row.

Row 3 K 3, yo, knit to end of Row

Are you doing Grandma’s Favorite dishcloth? You just knit 3, YO once and then knit to the end and turn. What you are doing is an increase. At some point you will start decreasing instead. :wink:

Thanks Ingrid so much :slight_smile: I am just new to this :frowning:
Here is what my pattern says (blanket)

cast on 3 sts

row 1 K
row 2 Knit in the front and back of each stitch, 6sts
row 3 knit 3,yo, knit to end of row
Continue to work row 3 until nearly all of the ball 2 is used

Then it goes on to the decrease. But I was doing the YO and there was biggggggg holes and didn’t look right.

It’s the same pattern that Jan described, but only in a blanket instead of a washcloth. The hole is supposed to be there–the yo increase forms it. You’ll have an edging of eyelets around the whole blanket.

So just YO once right?

I did the Yarn over for the rest of knit to end and there was just long strands of yarn and it didn’t look like it was supposed to, I don’t Know what I am doing lol.

Thanks ladies for all your help I am so thankfull

Yes, just the one yo.

Thanks so much Ingrid

I am thankfull :slight_smile: I will let u know how it turns out :slight_smile: