I need help with

finding a scarf pattern and yarn selection

I’m going to knit a scarf for a grab bag gift - the person I got may be my new boss & she is extremely well dressed and loves all kinds of designer things. Of course, I can’t afford Prada ( and that is out of the gift bag limit anyhow!) - so any suggestions are welcome!


The pic in the pattern does it no justice…it can be knit with ANY yarn and the resulting fabric has LOVELY drape! Get some WONDERFUL soft (and inexpensive) yarn from Knitpicks (Elegance, maybe? Andean Treasure??) and have a go!

I did this one with Bernat Denimstyle…its REALLY REALLY soft. With a fancy schmancy fiber, it would be HEAVEN!

Here’s the one I made…I added a crochet scallop border to the ends, but you can do anything you want!

Kelly you is the Pimpmeister! :roflhard:

yeah…I is…but its SUCH a GREAT pattern!

I agree with KK, scrunchable is a quick knit and a very classy looking scarf, the edging is very ‘now’…saw similar edging at the mall tonight in stores…great choice :thumbsup:

WOW - Kelly - that would be really nice!!! Knitpicks - I got my yarn last time really quickly! That looks wonderful!!! Thank you!!!

I just finished two–it is a great pattern!

how much yarn does it take and any needle size suggestions?

It seems to be a really flexible pattern. I used doubled worsted on size 15 and knit it up in a few hours. I also used doubled alpaca worsted on size 8 and it’s quite dense but still squishy. I can’t say exactly how much I used since it was stash yarn and I didn’t keep track.

I just cast on for as wide as I wanted it to be, and went from there.