I need help with understanding how to attach sleeves when knitting a sweater in the round

Please post…I am knitting 132 stitches around and around and wondering how I go about putting on sleeves. I know where the point I started knitting is…but I have no idea how to attach sleeves! Eek!! Please help me someone!

It depends on what kind of sweater your making…

You will come to a point where you do some armhole shaping and have to split off into front and back pieces…when you get these pieces done. You will pick up stitches at the armhole, and knit the sleeve from the armhole to the cuff, or you will make the sleeves and attatch them (set in type).

Raglans are a whole nother story as well as top down sweaters.

so if your working from a pattern…look at it and tell us what kind of sleeves you have.

better yet…if you can give us a link to the pattern, that would be better for us to help you with…(that sounded like something the big bad wolf would say:roflhard: )


Some of what melissa says doesn’t apply, since you’re working in the round. Before giving you an actual answer though, we do need to know if you’re working from the bottom up, or from the top down. (Since you don’t mention any shaping, I’m going to guess you’re working up from the waist?)

If you are working from a pattern, a link or pattern name is helpful.

Thanks for your help Melissa, but I am really the biggest beginner possible. I had an idea to make a sweater and have a German magazine as a guide…but since I speak minimal German, I have no idea what anyyyy of it is…so I am kindof on my own. My idea is somewhat simple…a loose sweater-dress. I have no idea how to make sleeves of any type…no idea how to go about it whatsoever. http://www.knitting-crochet.com/images/skisweintheroupic1-4.jpg I am thinking that I could just leave holes in the body and somehow make sleeves and then attach them to the holes…but how do I make those holes to begin with?

I am working from the bottom to the top.

The picture looks like a seamless yoke sweater…I knit ALL my sweaters in the round and have done this type many times…

basicly you just knit to where you want the armpits to be and stop.

then you make both sleeves and join everything in the round. with some evenly spaced decreases…you got yourself a sweater…

I will let others tell you more details…

But in the meantime…google–“seamless yoke sweater” or the like…theres info and tuts all over the net…

good luck!!

That makes sense…basically I take the two already-prepared sleeves…and attach them as I keep knitting the body in the round. Let me know if I got the gist or if I am completely wrong. I will go look up seemless yoke sweaters now.

See if youir local library has Jacqueline Fees book The Sweater Workshop. She gives a very good explanation on how to work a sweater in the round from the waist up. The easiest is to knit your sleeves on separate circular needles.You should mark where your side seams would be if knitting in pieces. When you get to where you want to add the sleeves you knit to the side seam and slip 8% of the stitches on the body (centered on the seam line) onto scrap yarn or stitch holder, do the same with the same # of stitches on both sleeves centered on where the seam line would be on the underside of the sleeve. Knit the sleeve stitches onto the same needle as the sweater body and knit across the back of the sweater and knit the sleeve stitches onto the main needle and knit around to the end of round. It will be awkward for a few rounds but gets easier to handle as you work the yoke area. You’re on your own for shaping the yoke up to the neck. After you bind off the neck, go back and graft the stitches on the underarms.

Have you knit the two sleeves yet? Usually those are knit first then put onto the circular needles. What does your pattern say? I saw the picture, but is it a free pattern and is there a link to the actual pattern?

Melissa, you got it perfect with the yoke sweater idea!
(The way you talked about setting in sleeves, didn’t sound like it was for something in the round, sorry.)

Here’s a different yoke sweater pattern with pictures of how your body and 2 sleeves will be put on the circular needle to continue knitting up to the neck.

If you google yoke sweater tutorials for other patterns & pictures, be careful to look for bottom up knitting, as these are also made top down.

Good luck!

That last post made things in my head a little clearer. It will definitely come in handy when I get to the arms! Thank you so much. I will come back in several days and see if I have anymore questions, but I think that last link just might do the trick for this sweater!! Thank you!!! HUGS!

Yes that’s right. You’re going to have 3 tubes oOo and the underarms are the points where you will bind off some sts on both sides of the body and the sleeves, or put them on holders. These will be joined later. Then to join the pieces you knit across one sleeve, the front, the other sleeve and the back all onto one needle. It’s a good idea to do a dec at the points you join the pieces - one st from the sleeve, one from the front or back - and it helps prevent gaps.

You could use that link that gottaknit posted to work the decreases on the yoke, it seems to be a good guide. If you have a different number of sts, just figure out the percentage you have and multiply that times the number of sts to dec.

Looking at the picture of your sweater again, it doesn’t look like it has decreases for yoke shaping. Do you think this sweater is put together like this?
Or this?

I’ve done an after-thought heel, but it didn’t involve cutting. I’m not that brave!

Oh there’s decreases in there, you just can’t see them. A yoked sweater has decreases every couple inches all the way around, not just at the 4 ‘seams’ like a raglan does.

I know a yoked sweater doesn’t have to be a raglan, can have regular spaced decreases instead.
There’s just something about the photo, guess it’s a funny shadow. Made me wonder.

It’s not steeked though. That’s when you knit a tube, then split it to make a cardigan out of the tube.

From bottom up