I need help with this pattern please

I’m knitting an ( I thought) EASY :oops: sweater for my gd and I have knit the back and bound off stitches on both ends of the top of the back and put other stitches in the middle of the back on a stitch holder like they said to do.

Then I have knit the front left side and have bound off stitches there and put the others on a stitch holder as they said and have done the same to the right front and of course bound them off in the right direction that they should be.

The tops of the front pieces that are bound off are going to fold over like a collar on their own.

Now my question is this. The book says to “sew shoulder seams together”. But I have no idea how to do that since the stitches are on the stitch holders. So they are “live” stitches still. The directions don’t say what to “do” with those stitches that are in the stitch holders.

Plus I have the back piece of the sweater that also has stitches in the center of the back of the sweater at the top. What do I do with those? There is not a hood that will be stitched on etc. So I’m at a loss as to why I still have these stitches on holders and what to “do” with them.

I’d appreciate any help you can give me.

From what you’ve said, and from what I know about sweaters, the stitches you bound off on both fronts and the back will be the shoulder stitches.

The stitches on the holders will be picked up again–check your directions–and knit for a collar.

Ingrid, you are right!! I checked it all out again and sure enough there are directions for a collar. Is my face :oops: lol

I sure hope that I can get more knitting experience. I love to knit but I get “flustered” when I try and read directions and just don’t “get them”. But I won’t give up!! I really want to move beyond knitting scarves etc. :XX: :XX:

Thanks again! :happydance:

I finished the sweater. :cheering: It looks pretty good. I used Lamb’s Pride in a Magenta color. My gd likes it. I think I’d use the pattern again in the futurre now that I know what I’m doing!! lol :XX: :XX:

Now I’ve cast on to knit a Noro purse that I saw displayed in a yarn shop. Here it is…

I chose more neutral colors but that one in the picture really IS of the colors that I love!! So if mine comes out as well I may end up knitting two of them. It really looked beautiful in the shop.

Good for you!! :cheering: