I need help with neck shaping on a raglan cartigan

I am working on a raglan cartigan and have come to a problem its the neck shaping. It doesn’t say anywhere in the pattern on how to do it.

What’s the pattern, do you have a link to it? Maybe there isn’t any and it’s meant to have a wide neckline.

I tried posting a link to it but the site won’t let me so i will type it out here http: //www.bernat.com/pattern.php?PID=5007

take away the space between the colon and the 2 forward slashes and that will give you the link

The shaping is on the charts. See the 2 Charts XI? The black, blue and pinkish lines at the top of it are the neckline and show where you dec sts. That’s just for the Front, the Back doesn’t appear to have necklilne shaping according to the schematic on the last page; it’s just straight across the top.

ty you have been a wonderful help , I really appreciate it. take care and have a super wonderful day