I need help with K2tog

Hi, my name is Ann and I am niew here.

I need help with decreasing when knitting. When I K2tog i get a hole every time. It looks like I dropped a stitch when I look at my work. What am I doing wrong? I just started knitting again after almost 30 years.

Please help. TIA

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Hi! Can you add a picture of what it looks like when you k2tog?

sorry my camera is broken so unable to add a picture but it just looks like I dropped a stitch I can even see the stitch …so just a hole left.

Have you tried looking up some videos on youtube on how to do it? For example this one shows how to do it:

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Yes I have watched several videos and it looks quite simple, just knit 2 instead of 1 and voila…however when I do it it somehow just looks like I dropped a stitch and makes a hole…I can even see the stitch that dropped…I must be doing something wrong but I don’t know what or how to fix it. It does this on every row that I K2tog. so making hats, mitts, socks is really difficult.

Is it possible that your knit stitches are twisted?
See after 5 minutes here:

thanks for trying to help…I still do not know what I am doing wrong Emoji

Do you have any relative or friend with a camera? We would really need to see a picture to understand what is going wrong.


thanks for offering your help but I am a senior lady who lives alone and I suffer with lung problems so I do not associate with other people at this time…My life right now is my computer but I do appreciate all you are trying to do to help.

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Maybe this article would help you: Common Reasons Why Holes Are Appearing in Your Knitting

I hope we can help you figure out what’s wrong. Knitting really is great once you get the hang of it.

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good luck … hang in there … being a ‘senior’ person myself … I hear your ‘ouch’… cameras are not my friends either… :blush:

one thing I do when I knit 2 together is to turn the first stitch like I do with SSK… I put my right hand needle tip in the far side of the front stitch loop and turn it to face the opposite way… put it back on the left hand needle … then I put my right hand needle tip as if to knit both stitches together the regular way and knit as if they were one stitch …

this changes the slant and no hole :heartpulse:


I will try that next time I need to do this…thanks so very much

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