I need help with an arm and body bind off for a sweater! help


this is my first time knitting a sweater with circular needles. i’ve knitted both arms and half of the body section.
so here is my problem…

The pattern for the arm reads.
Slip the first 3 stitches from the left needle to the right needle, cut the yarn from the last stitch and transfer these stitches to a spare length of yarn. You will leave the sleeve for now and come back to it later.
(so i have done that)

now for the body part.
I have been making an a cable pattern from the front. Here is the last 2 rounds I have made.
step 7- knit 14, purl 1, knit 12, purl 1, knit 14, knit 36 stitches.
step 8- knit 14, purl 1, knit 12, purl 1, knit 14, knit 33

You will now start joining your sleeves.

step 9- using the 3 needle bind off technique, join the first sleeve over the next 6 stitches. knit 11, purl 1, knit 12 etc etc

this what what i have been doing for step 9.
I have put the 3 stitches from the arm that I slipped over to the right needle onto my right needle for the body.
then i try to bind off using the 3 needle bind off. after i have done that i’m 3 stitches too much when i have to knit 11, purl 1. is the pattern wrong or am i thinking this over too much? should i be knitting the full body up to 36 stitches for the back and not 33 like the pattern says?

sorry if you have no clue what i’m talking about im sooooo lost here.
i have a photo for you to see where i’ve gone wrong. ugh seriously i feel like throwing this sweater out the window :frowning:


Hi and welcome!
Can you give us a pattern name or a link to the pattern?

The pattern may not say but see if it helps your stitch count if you bind off the last 3sts of the body(34,35,36) and the 3 held sts from the sleeve. Does that account for the 3 extra sts? Are they 3 extra on the sleeve or 3 extra on the body?
Here’s a tutorial for 3 needle bind off in case you need it.

hello! the bind off video helped me out a lot. the pattern was very wrong and i’m going to make a complaint now. i was meant to put 6 arm stitches onto the right needle and bind off into the next 6 stitches on the body portion. thank you very much for your help!! will bookmark this video :slight_smile:

Ah, good that you figured it out! We’d love to see a photo of the finished sweater.

I will post a photo once its don :slight_smile: thanks again