I need help with a pattern

I am trying to follow a pattern. I have 182 stiches that I need to divide on to two needles.
On the first needle. I am to knit 91 sts then turn and work on these sts only.
The pattern states Dec one st at beg(neck edge) of next and foll alt row.
So does it mean k 91 sts,on Pearl row Dec one, then K row Dec again?
I am missing a pearl row.
Because Pattern states after Beg with a K row cont straight.
Should I K 91 sts and P 91sts and then Do the Dec for Neck edge? Then I could start with K to cont. straight. I’m not sure.
Thank You for your help.
Michele :notworthy:

The first row that you decrease on will be a purl row. You’ll decrease at the beginning of the row. Finish purling that row then turn your work around. Knit to the end of the row (now 90sts, since you decreased 1). Decrease at the beginning of the next row which again is a purl row. Foll alt row means every other row so you will not be decreasing on knit rows, only on purl rows.