I need help with a felted bag that I am knitting

I have completed the bag and the long handle, and now to knit the small handle they say to put the stitch holder b on the double pointed needles and with the purl side facing you knit one row and then purl the next and repeat until 12" long,
Now I need to know if I will just start with another ball of yarn and start knitting the small handle. and hope the stitches stay.
Also what do they mean with the purl side facing me it is a bag, and the purl is facing me on the other side.???
Please help. I have only been knitting for about 3 months…


If there’s no yarn attached to the small handle stitches, then you’ll have to start with another ball. You’ll have a bit of looseness that you can tighten up, and after you weave in the end you’ll be fine.

I read this to mean that the purl stitches should be facing you on those that you took off the holder. It looks like you start knitting with the purl bumps facing you, and as a result, will reverse the stockinette stitch sides.