I need help with a Elizabeth Zimmermann Pattern

I am knitting on Lloie’s Jerkin by Elizabeth Zimmermann and quite frankly I am confused. I have a guage of 4.25 sts to the inch and I want to make it 38 inches around. I have cast on 81 sts and have already started this, but I might have done this all wrong.

Then I read that when you reach the shoulder length you divide having 1/3 sts for each of the shoulders and neck now if I have done my math right I use all of my stitches to make the shoulders and neck but how do I make the front?..I am so confused someone please set me straight! I have already started a forum topic on ravelry but I just get confused more… Ahhhh!!!

Pulls out hair This is supposed to be easy even for a beginner and I am not a beginner I should be more then capable to make this, and for some odd reason the knitting fates are against me!!! PLEASE HELP!!!

I’m not familiar with the pattern but 81 divided by 3 = 27 sts for each section. I think you’re knitting from the lower back up over the shoulders and down the front. The 27 sts for the neck would be held or bound off, then you have 27 on each side of it that you continue working to make the fronts.

Yes that is right, as above. So you would hold one shoulder and the neck stitches and then knit on down the front. When done go back to the other shoulder and knit on down. Then finish the neck as instructed. You will then seam or graft the sides.

Also you could order Spun out Designs pattern #10 from School House Press as the instructions in that version may be a little more detailed than in Knitting Workshop. It will cost a dollar plus postage.

Your vest will turn out fine, trust the pattern.