I need help... umm.. again

I wasn’t for sure where this went I hope I picked the right spot and hope you guys aren’t getting tired of me yet :wink:

I was looking through my shawl patterns and decided on the prayer shawl for my other question however… I had told my dh that I would make his grandma a shawl and stumbled upon Cat’s Paw Lace Shawl here is the link http://www.freepatterns.com/fp_pdfs/Other/Knitting/Cats_Paw_Lace_Shawl.pdf

Ok it says Multiple of 12sts + 1 so I chose 13 just to see how it was gonna look…

The first Row says: K1, *k2tog, yo, rep from *, K1

When I do this at the end I have two stiches left… not K1

however for Row 9 (all in between are knit rows) it says K1, *k3, ssk, yo, k1,yo, k2tog, k4, rep from *

All 13 stitches are counted for… I can’t figure out what I"m doing wrong on that first Row… I read on the fringe about 8 caston so I did 8 just to see well Row 1 worked but Row 9 did not ROTFLOL ummmm please help… :wall: TIA

Yep, something funny about that first row. It doesn’t add up. :thinking:

:lol: whew thought I was really missing something on that first row lol so how should I do the first Row? :??

When it says multiple of 12 + 1, it means that the pattern repeats are 12 stitches each with one extra stitch at the beginning or end.

If you try the pattern on 12 stitches instead of 13, it should work out.

teehee this could explain why my monthly blocks are not coming out!! Thank you Ingrid will try 12 and let ya know :lol:

Yet in the row 9 that you mention, there are 13 stitches accounted for. Obviously that row won’t work if you only cast on 12. Am I confused or what??? :thinking:

:help: well I tried just 12 and Row 1 worked but on Row 9 I was one short :rollseyes: what am I doing?? :thinking: about to see some circulars and yarn go out my window :shock: breathe just breathe…

That k1 at the beginning is the 13th (or +1) stitch. When they say in a pattern X + Y, the X is the number of stitches in the pattern, and the Y are the ‘extra’ stitches, like the ones on the edge.

I’m sorry Ingrid but I just don’t understand… I’m use to seeing CO this many stitches I wondered why that knitting calendar was coming out…

So do I CO 12 or 13 sts… I’m sorry I’m just so confused…

For one repeat, cast on 12 + 1; for two repeats, cast on 24 + 1; for three, 36 +1.

To really see the pattern, I’d do a few repeats. Maybe it just doesn’t work well on one repeat.

well now my mom has me thinking to hard I must add… I’m still working on the CO thingy but then she throws in where are you starting on the shawl?? well I thought bottom corner till she read the inst. to me maybe I"m thinking to hard on this now I wonder if I’m not at the top coming down or two sections… although it doesn’t say BO before starting the fringe or the next section sooo… maybe once I get passed the first 22 rows it will just all fall in place for me maybe just knowing what all the ab. mean isn’t enough Nope won’t give up not sure how long it will take but this shawl will not get the best of me LOL I will return… gonna go relax and get ready for the morning hours before the kids get up so I can tackle this shawl ROTFLOL watch it all just click when I least expect it :lol: Thank you Ingrid for helping me I really appreciate it!!