I need help on raglan

hi everyone
am knitting a raglan sweater , it says ssk, k2, k2 tog … now whenver i do that i get less stiches on the right should than the left shoulder . am trying to figure out what is the wrong thing i am doing.
does kn 2 mean that I should go back and knit ssk … can anyone explain please . i really wanna finish this for my husband:think:

SSK and K2TOG are both decreasing one stitch on either side of the K2.

To make certain you’re doing them correctly, check the videos for decreases by clicking “Basic Techniques”, then “Decreases” from the menu at the top of the page.

Hi Silver . thanks so it does not mean that I should ssk , then k 2 stitches plain and then k 2 tog . it means i should follow the decreases style in the video , which i just saw a few minutes back


by the way silver … just want to know something … when I follow the decrease technique on the video … will not be in situation when I find that i have 61 stitches on right sleeve and 57 or 59 , for example , on the left . because this is what was happening when I was doing (ssk) , then knitting two plain (k2), and then knitting two stitches together (k 2 tog)

No you do ssk, then k the next 2 sts, then k2tog on the next 2. Which part are you working on? All the decreases on all the pieces should be the same so you end up with the same number of stitches on them.

so should I do ssk , then k the next 2 sts and then k those same stitches together . I used to do what u told me ssk, k next 2 stitches and then k2tog on the next 2.

No, you do you ssk on the first 2 stitches.
Knit the next 2. On the next 2 st you will knit them together. This is a decreasing sequence that involves 6 stitches.

Hi I understand but when I do what you are telling me I do not get the same number of stitches on left and right hand side ( one is 57 for example and the other is 61 stitches)… so I do not know what to do to get the same number of stitches on bothe sides . is there another way I can decrease a raglan that will make sure i get the same number of stitches on both left and right hand sides of the sweater

You need to do this dec on both sides. The numbers won’t be the same until you dec on the side with 61 sts. Or you may have divided the stitches unevenly before you started the decreases.

Apologies for repetitive problem if this has already been covered… but I’m in serious need of assistance!!
My pattern instructs: "Shape raglan arm every RS row, knitting until last 11 sts, sl next 3 sts to CN held in front, K1, K2 tog from CN, K1 from CN, YO, repeat pattern between *, K3. (there are other instructions here for decreasing at neck edge, then come the problematic raglan decrease instructions as follows):
Continue raglan decs until 2 sts remain. BO."
I’m good with all of the above EXCEPT how to continue the raglan decreases in the established 11-stitch pattern while getting down to just 2 sts for BO.
Do I simply stop doing the cable needle / YO pattern? Or is there a trick I’m just not "getting?"
I really don’t want to resort to faking my way through these decreases for fear of being less than happy with the results after such an investment of time and $. This single-ply merino is also not very forgiving when it comes to repeated ripping out and re-knitting!
Thanks for any and all help! :slight_smile: