I need Help on Finished Sweater!

I have made a boys sweater and got it all done and sew together to find the neckline is too big!!! im just a beginner and im so not happy… I thought knitting was supposed to be Fun… Any and all help would be appreciated…Joanne S :frowning:

Welcome Joanne!

The opening for the neck is too big? You could pick up stitches around the whole neck, and work ribbing for an 1 1/4" or so… That’s a common style for necks. It looks especially good if you’ve got ribbing on the cuffs or bottom edge to match.

Any other thoughts, anyone?..

Hi There
Thanks so much… But the whole neck was done already done as you suggested… so I got brave and cut the top of the neckband . So then ever so carefully cut and pulled the stitches all the way back to the neck line and then used circular needles and picked up the stitches… But the first time i had done the neck in 2 pieces then stitched the side together to finish… I have the stitches on the needles and ready to repair and size down the neck again and i will decrease evenly and then bind off loosely… wish me luck if nothing else i have learned alot by error but hey as long as i finish im happy and my grand son likes it … thanks ever so much for the help … but the best way is to jump head on back into the mess…LOL Joanne S

PS love the web site

How’d it go?