I need help in wrap and turn knitting ear flaps on a hat

I need help doing wrap and turn for ear flaps on a hat

There are many different ways of doing ear flaps on a hat. Can you please give us the name of the pattern and provide a link to the pattern if possible?

Thank you so much for writing back to me. The pattern is from lionbrand free knitting patterns. The pattern number us L20032. Dog hat.

Its the Lionbrand free pattern- L20032- Dog Hat. . The first question I have is do I join the first row of just knitting? Then, the wraps and turn- I don’t see the shaping taking place. I’m doing something wrong. Please help.

No, don’t join after the first row. You’re knitting short rows flat. The shaping will appear as you work the short rows. Have you done short rows before?

Thank You- I have never done short rows, but I think I understand how to actually wrap and turn. So I don’t join Ro 1 that is just plain knitting? That’s the problem- I’m not seeing any shape that resembles ear flaps. And after I do the wrap and turn stitch, I just continue to finish knitting across til the end of the row?

They are only going to have a little shaping. If you look at the picture they are mostly just floppy.

Short rows are working with a few stitches back and forth. They are literally “short” rows in that you aren’t working with all the stitches at once. After you wrap and turn you will go to the end. Then you will knit the number of stitches it says to knit, w&t, and knit to end. Turn, knit the number of stitches it says, etc. You will be knitting less stitches each time. Just do what the pattern says and it’ll make more sense as you do it. Plus you will start to see a little bit of shaping.

BTW are you a new knitter? This is kind of a complicated pattern if you haven’t knit before. :wink: