I need HELP......Again :(

Hi everyone!
I’m confused, again :oops:
I’m going to knit a basic throw and need help on reading this pattern.

THROW: Cast on 84 sts loosely. Work in garter st (= k every row) for 4 rows (= 2 garter st ridges).
Row 1 (RS): K 2 (= garter sts); k 80 sts; k 2 (= garter sts).
Row 2: K 2 (= garter sts); p 80 sts; k 2 (= garter sts). Rep Rows 1 and 2, keeping first 2 and last 2 sts in garter st and working center 80 sts in St st until throw meas 47" from beg, end on a WS row. Work in garter st for 4 rows (= 2 garter st ridges). Bind off loosely.

OK, I understand to cast on 84 sts. Isn’t garter st the same as a knit st? and if so for knitting the first row it states to K 2, the it reads to K 80 then K 2, ok, what is the difference of just knitting 84? Am I making sense?

Thanks again to those who answer!
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I get it … my type in [color=red]red[/color]…

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