I need easy patterns for good chemo hats

Greeting from New York! The weather has been really lovely here.
I have been inactive for a while because I have been sick. I just found out I will lose my hair due to chemotherapy in about 6 weeks. I am a beginner and could use some recommendations for really easy hats that go over the ear a bit and provide good coverage for the head. I also would love to hear recommendations for non itchy fibers that hand wash well. Plus yarns that are cool for indoor use as well. Thanks in advance for your help and for all your help in the past. You are a great group!
:heart: Carol
PS I have a large melon, is it easy to make a hat larger than the pattern?

some patterns here
Yarn Ideas

There are several cotton yarns available which are comfortable in hot weather. If it is mercerized cotton, it would have a little shine and not be so clingy. Try Fantasy Naturalle or a blend with bamboo or tofu.

Here are some patterns for chemo caps.

Here are patterns for chemo caps and tips for use of different types of yarn.

Chemo Cap Knitting Pattern.

Knit Chemo Cap and Scarflet.

Floppy Brim Cap.

Chemo Cap and Pattern.

Thanks for your replies! I was unable to open floppy brim hats. This is the kind of hat I am particularly interested in. :heart: Carol

picture and pattern link here

Thanks Jints!

Floopy Brim Hat link correction though I guess it is on the post above.

I just found this one which looks like it is looser fitting.

Chemo DoRag Hat

So sorry to hear that you are ill, but we all wish you an easy time with chemo. I hope knitting some caps in your favorite colors and yarns will raise your spirits!

Carol- best wishes with your treatment! I will say a prayer for you.

It’s sort of amazing that this thread is here today, when I just found out my good friend is going to have to undergo chemo. I was going to start my own thread asking for yarn recommendations. If anyone has done these hats and knows what the softest yarns are for this type of project, I’d love some help.


Dear Downthestream -Thanks for your kind wishes. Knitting always makes me feel better! I looking forward to receiving the new Options Harmony wood needles I just ordered! As a beginner I found the metal ones too slippery and I kept dropping stitches. Take care and keep in touch! :heart: Carol

Dear Carey,
That is what is so great about this forum, how we tend to ask the same questions. As I knit my own hats I will let you which fibers work out the best. I have a store bought hat that is floppy that I wore 6 years ago when I was on chemo and it was very comfortable and hid my skull very well. It was made with a chenille yarn and was super comfortable. I still have the hat but it is too worn out. I wish I could knit the same hat. I wonder if it is possible to copy the pattern?
I hope your friend gets well soon and take care. Thanks, :heart:Carol