I need a pattern help for this scarf!

Hi i got this scarf picture from the abercrombie site and I want to knit this for my brother’s birthday!
I already know how to do the cable knit, purl, and etc
Do you think anyone can figure this scarf pattern out?
Thank you in advance!

which type of yarn should I use? what about needle size?

It looks to me like some ribbing with a simple cable in the middle. I’d say just play around with it until you get what you like. Hope I helped! :slight_smile:

i never heard of ribbing. but it look like switching off between purl and the other?

Ribbing is like the cuff of gloves or hats or socks, you alternate knit and purl sts in the same row. This one starts out as knit 2, purl 2, then switches over to k3, p2. Do the 2x2 for 2-3", then switch to the 3x2. Another inch or so, and do the cable. Check out the Tips for videos on ribbing and I’m not sure there’s one on doing cables, you should be able to find one on youtube.

yeah, I agree with suzee. yeah, ribbing very easy to do. if you know your knit and purls you’re good to go! :thumbsup: as for the cable videos, I’m pretty positive that there’s two on here under advanced knitting. One shows you how to cable with a needle, and the other one shows you how cable without one. Good luck on your scarf, and show us pics when you’re done!:mrgreen: