I need a knitting-mother

Any takers?
I’m so new.
I don’t even know how to read pattern instructions!
So who would like to take me under their wing?
Don’t all chime in at once now…

I would be willing to help!

Me too. I often help friends knit or crochet.

We’re all able to help. Post your questions.

I need a knitting mother too. hehe.

I will try and help too :):muah:

Absolutely! If you post a question here you’ll get lots and lots of help! :yay:

I’m a knitter and a mother, I’d be happy to help out! :slight_smile: You’ll get tons of help if you post your questions in the forum, but if you want someone to talk to individually, you’re welcome to pm me. Welcome to knitting! :slight_smile: