I need a good newbie book

What’s a good newbie book with alot of instruction on how to fix your botched up work? I have SNB but I need something more detailed. KH’s videos have helped me alot but I’m still paranoid trying to repair stuff I’ve messed up and to be honest with you sometimes I’ve pulled some good ones that Amy’s videos don’t go into :rofl: . Seriously, I need a good detail book with the who whats when and wheres of knitting that I can use as a reference for everything from new stitches to deciphering a pattern and oh yeah, fixing my mistakes :grrr: .

there’s one at Michaels…A Knitters guide to finishing techniques…it’s about $25.00 but if you look in your Sun. paper you’ll probably have a 40% off cupon, then it’s a heck of a deal.

I have lots of books that I refer to, my favorite being the Knitting Answer Book, but I did see this at Barnes and Noble and browsed through it. It looks like it has a lot of remedies for boo boos and even some that aren’t the norm in most books…
Knit Fix