I need a cute baby girl sweater pattern

My brother and his girlfriend are expecting this month and I would like to find a cute sweater pattern I have been on kpc but nothing really jumped out at me.

ez’s february baby sweater is adorable. it’s done on 2 needles, and you only have to seam the underarm.

Where could I find that pattern?

I made the Crystal Palace Bunny Hop kimono for my friend’s daughter and it came out great. Rather that a tie I used a snap and sewed a knitted flower to the outside. HTH

I made this one and it came out really cute.

A few cute ones I’ve seen on Ravelry (all free patterns):

Presto Chango

Twisted Baby Flair Jacket

Easy Baby Cardigan



Thanks so much for all of the ideas!

I made this sweater for my niece…it was actually my first sweater. I made it in pink with cute little buttons and its very girlie. There’s also lots of cute sweater pattern on Lion Brand’s website, here’s a list.

You should check out the baby kimono in the Mason Dixon Knitting book. I made it for my daughter and it was so cute and easy to make. I would send you a picture, but I am at work. Good luck!