I. must. stop. ebaying. now

I just bought this…


for this…


I am such a sucker for pink…and I’m not even a girly girl. I love that style of sweater too. And I can use the rest for something for my girls.

Check out her site/blog, she has some beauteous patterns, both free and for sale


Wow you got 8 skeins! That’s great. I LOVE PINK too, it makes me feel so good. Weird.

Amen sister! I am having trouble stopping too. OY!

not a girly girl either (i think!) but i LUUUUUUUUUUUUV me some pink.

i mean it’s no lime green but i still love it! :wink:

You mean like this? :wink:


I love, love that yarn!! I don’t even want to look @ that ebay site…I didn’t even glance…I can’t believe my restraint!! Although, I did just jump online to order some addi’s from Jeff :wink:
I love that site…cool patterns, didn’t I just see one of the tops in Magknits?

You mean like this? :wink:


lol well i would have to see that in person because the computer pic doesn’t quite look pretty enough but you get the general idea, yes!

i think i have about 3 skeins of lambs pride in their bright obnoxious green at home…in fact made THIS out of some of it! :rofling:

OMG…I LOVE THAT PATTERN! Where did you get it?

Now I have ANOTHER project on my to-do list.

I’m a lime green nut too–matter of fact, I’m wearing a lime green 3/4 sleeve summer sweater I recently bought. My kitchen is limey sage green–which sounds really ugly but it’s decorated w/ yellow sunflowers and I think it’s beautiful! The walls were this color when I bought the house and I was soooo excited!

I have to stay away from ebay too…and KP…and the LYS…and Hobby Lobby…LOL!

Gardenmommy–thanks for posting that I snagged that sweater pattern to make for a friend!

Love that color and love the sweater! I know what you mean about Ebay. I just came off a run of three auctions I won last week!! They were pretty good deals though (or at least thats how I justify it to my DH!)

:rofling: I was just going to sayyyyyyyyy

lime green & pink are my favorite colour combo…

then I scrolled down and saw THE HAT!

:rofling: Well, that ones ok (really) but soft soft pink and soft soft lime are just so scrumptious together, lots of designers use it and also it
is FLOWERS. a flower spring you know

Oooh, pink and lime green! :inlove: :inlove:

I love Lamb’s Pride…Limeaid, isn’t it? Whatever it’s called, it’s lovely!

Good luck weaning yourself off of ebay. I haven’t allowed myself to set up an account (just use the dh’s) because I know what will happen…my online shopping habit is bad enough! :shock: