I messed it up and it looks terrible

I was making my unborn child a pair of wool pants for next winter. I had just finished the crotch and was happily doing a leg when I realised i was knitting backwards on my circs and all the bumps had gone onto the knit side. :gah:

I yanked it out but all the stitches above the crotch are looking scraggly from where I tried to pick up dropped stitches… I keep wanting to rip it out but I don’t want to redo the whole thing. Is there a way to salvage the less nice looking stitches?

You could unknit a row or two to get rid of the stitches that you had trouble picking up.

Or you can try to put in a destination row life line. Thread a needle with a different color yarn and put it through one side of the stitches in a particular row and rip down to that.
Amy has video in the Advanced section.

I think if your stitches are messed up from putting them back on the needle, though, that tinking a row can put you on track.