I made stitch markers!

:happydance: My uncle sent me a bunch of cool beads and things, and I finally made my own stitch markers! Hope you like them.

Those are gorgeous! Nice job! :slight_smile:

Pretty, pretty!!

Love them[CENTER] [/CENTER]

Good for you! Very pretty! Aren’t they so much fun, too!?

Oooh, these are pretty! Love the colors! :slight_smile:

Those are very pretty, you did great!

Just lovely! I really like the first one. Great job!

Very nice! Maybe you should make a bunch more and sell them on Etsy. :slight_smile:

Shiny,shiny! They looks great !

Ooo, very pretty! :slight_smile:

Beautiful! I’ll bet they make knitting even more enjoyable.

Very pretty!!! :inlove:

[COLOR=“DarkOrchid”]How nice! :inlove:
Love these!
TEMA:knitting: [/COLOR]

just gorgeous!

Great job! fun isn’t it?

very nice!

I need some stitch markers, what a great look you have going there! I have been using paper clips, which are not that great. Thanks for sharing.

:happydance: Love those, you did a great job