I made it! (flying fear conquered)

Whew! GUESS WHAT! I made it. Planes did not crash.
I can’t believe it, I went 6 years wo flying.

I had to fly alone too, coz my DH stayed longer. The first plane out, I kind of basically resolved myself to dying that day, but I really wanted to go to Florida. I prayed like hell :teehee: for 15 min while waiting for plane to take off. Next to me was this very jaded tired stewardess who had been in Dublin. No way I could bother her at all, she went right to sleep.

Then on the return from Ft. Myers, I prayed a lot again, oh yeah, I had a bass ale at the airport coz it was 2:30 and a good time for a beer. That put me to sleep which was great! because we had an hour delay. Then, and I would highly recommend this to anyone who has this fear like me, it was incredible…

I took out this new little notebook I bought on sale down in FL, I opened it, I began writing, and wrote through take off, then I just kept writing and I wrote and wrote and wrote almost all the way home. I read two articles in the NY Times, one about Evelyn Waugh and another about this play where Eurydice goes down to hell, and it was about memory & grieving & loss… and that made me write more.

It was such a huge stress reliever, really worked well.

So. OH, there really wasn’t much “motion” for who was it, suffering from motion sickness… I thought about that, how little motion. It did seem we were up really really high though and I said something to a steward and he was just so kind. When we were taxiing in in Newark, I watched all these planes in a row getting ready to take off for Portugal, London, India… amazing amount of traffic in the skies.

What a trip. :waving: I made it!!! (was I happy to get home)


When I fly, I resolve myself to the fact that if the plane goes down, I’m done and worrying won’t change that. I also remind myself how rare that is. Works for me.:shrug:

Now think of all the places you can go and see!

Thanks Ingrid!!! :waving: But guess what… I don’t want to go anywhere!!! Except driving. But it’s kind of a relief to know I can do it when I have to, esp when a relative is sick or something like that.

whew yuk planes

wonderful- I’m so glad you went- and found ways to get through it- now we want to hear about the trip!

Yeah! Check it off the list. What’s next? Mountain climbing? Jumping out of an airplane:happydance:

:hug: yay! :heart: :hug:

I haven’t flown in over SEVEN years :shock: Wow, I find that surprising. It was before I had my kids so the time between then and now has flown by and I’ve never had opportunity nor the desire really to go too far away. Now, we’re heading as a family (with my parents and sister and BIL) to California for a week in July and I gotta say I’m a bit nervous about it! I don’t know if it has to do with 9/11 or not, or if I’m just a chicken in my old age :lol:, but it puts a few butterflies in my stomach, that’s for sure. Not to mention my increasing prone-ness (HA!, is prone-ness a word??) to motion sickness. Yuck.

I’ll be happy when the flight is over and our holiday begins!!

Way to go for conquering this fear!! :cheering:

I love flying! If you have a good airline it’s even better (Emirates is the BEST I have flown with). Your own telly with hundreds of shows/movies/video games to choose from… hot towels at the start of the flight (really picks you up when you are travelling guys), decent food and alcoholic drinks - and that’s in economy (when I got upgraded once… sigh… fond memories we got choccies and liqueurs too… tiny salt shakers instead of in the paper packets… mini linen tablecloths).
The only bad part of flying is the other people… so frustrating they get in your way when they don’t even need to… it’s like they lose all their manners when they are away from home.
I really really like turbulence and getting shaken around… it’s like a roller coaster. I am always disappointed when the pilot changes altituse to evade turbulence… woo hoo! Am I the only one?

I always remind myself (the two times that I’ve flown) that if the plane crashes, I know where I’m going. That’s all there is to it.

:woohoo:You’re so cool! I think you deserve some kind of reward for flying alone.


How cool is that?!

I’m glad it worked out for you. I was deathly scared to ever get on a plane. How did I overcome my fear? I flew from Rhode Island to LAX California in one day. We did a connecting flight in Chicago. I can’t tell you how high I was! When I say high, I mean it was one of the happiest days of my life. I faced my fears and it went very well! :happydance:

[B][SIZE=3][COLOR=DarkOrchid]THAT’S hilarious! I am so happy and yes, to conquer a fear is great. (although I don’t know how soon I want to get on the next plane) THANKS to you all so very much. I just really wanted to write about this coz I almost didn’t go (like last year). [/COLOR][/SIZE][/B][SIZE=3][COLOR=DarkOrchid]that’s better…

Um, yeah, well I can’t imagine LIKING turbulance HELLO redwitch, you must be one unusual person! I never heard of Emirates?
Continental is what I flew and I loved it when they announce their planes are some of the newest in the industry. ha The food is still dreadful however & I’m so glad I had bought a turkey sandwich.

Well, the trip itself (thanks for asking Mary) was ok. But. I now know I cannot live in Florida, it’s just too hot and too crowded. But the swimming was fantastic and the place we stayed (Naples Grande Resort) is stunning.
I’m just glad to be back home though, I practically ran, no wait I did run down the street to get in my apartment and back to my beloved Toisie cat :cheering::cheering::cheering: that was the best part even though she was extremely aloof for a while. FeministMama I think I’ll let you try that sky diving thing first!:happydance:

 THANKS AGAIN!!!!:waving: