I love unexpected packages :D

Today I received a package from Amazon.com. I wondered, “What the hell is this?” and then I remembered. Almost two months ago I had a friend order me some knitting books as my birthday present from him.

That’s right, TWO MONTHS!

I’d completely forgotten about them, but when they showed up I knew instinctively that these were it. These were my first knitting books that anyone else had ever bought for me. (Also, I only had one other book about knitting so this is a fairly large addition to my personal knitty library.)

In the past two hours, I have devoured 133 pages of Yarn Harlot: The Secret Life of a Knitter and after that I am going to read The Sweater Workshop cover to hardcover. (That’s right, I have a hardcover copy of The Sweater Workshop. I think I might squee I’m just so happy.)

Two months, and they had only shipped about three days ago. Two months my books sat aronud waiting to join up. Friggin’fraggin’backorders…


at least you finally got them! I love the yarn harlot book too–it’s very difficult to put down!

Wow, what a nice (yet irritating) surprise! :cheering: :cheering: :cheering:

late :present: [size=6][color=red]Happy Birthday![/color][/size] late :present:

:cheering: :cheering: :cheering:

Woohoo! :cheering: :cheering:

I’ve NEVER had anything take that long from Amazon…maybe they were backordered? Whatever, at least you have them! :cheering:

I finished Yarn Harlot in 3 hours.

Now I’m savouring EZ’s directions for her Hawser sweater. Ah, Zimmerman…

Oooh, I love EZ too!! I re-read her stuff constantly! I’ve yet to read Yarn Harlot… :oops:

Angelia, you must! You’ll laugh out loud and everyone will roll their eyes at you! :smiley:

I ordered a knitting book on Amazaon in April that I was reeeally excited about (great price too) and two months later they cancelled the order. :frowning: Glad you got yours, Aidan!

Gah, they cancelled it? Amazon has grown too much and isn’t as reliable a merchant as it once was. :frowning:

I remember when they only sold books and sent out free bookmarks with book orders. I even got “gifts” for being a frequent buyer; I still use my coffee cup…

The Yarn Harlot made me laught out loud more than once! And EZ is a joy to read.

Just a couple of weeks ago, an order came from Amazon with some books–not knitting. I assumed it was for my husband, and he assumed it was for me because I’m the reader in the family. Turns out the books were ordered, from Amazon as a CHRISTMAS present. There weren’t rare finds–a Koontz and King books. I wonder if the order just got lost in the shuffle. :thinking:

Nice haul of books, Aiden! :cheering: Gotta love the Harlot, she’ll be in Chicago soon! :cheering: Still have to figure out if I’m going :thinking:

Im going!! :cheering:

Did you know that it’s at night?? Makes it a whole lot easier for me :happydance:

My dad ordered me a cookbook and a waffle iron from Amazon when I moved into my apartment and it never showed up, so he asked them about it and they sent it again. The FIRST package showed up two months later.

That’s just crazy! :shock:

I got it and it was like deju vu. “Wait a minute, this look familiar.” I still have the second package. I suppose I should have sent it back, but I forgot and found it again when I was putting things in storage to come home for the summer. :roflhard: Anyone want a waffle iron? :rofling:

:rofling: Not the usual swap, that’s for sure!