I love that inverted twisted german cast-on

Hi! First, let me do a small introduction - i’m Lia, and more of a crocheter than a knitter , but i’m trying to get the hand of the 2 needles (i think that there are so many beautiful knitted coats that i want to learn how to make one :))

Anyways , i’m posting to let you know i loved to ‘discover’ that inverted twisted german cast-on (mentioned on another post) - it’s not as easy as the long-tail, but it’s easier to work the first knitted rows , specially because it’s looser

Hi Lia! Welcome to KH!

I haven’t tried the German Cast on yet but will likely give it a try! [U]H[/U]ere’s a good video of how it’s done.


Thank you for posting the video. It looks like it would also be great for working hats. I’m still trying to figure out the cast on method my German grandmother did when I was a child. I can only remember the motion of her fingers, not the details of how the yarn was placed. I’ll give this one a try and see if it feels right. THank you.

Welcome Lia!

that is a great video…

1 thing though, [B]WATCH her left thumb.[/B]

she never mentions it, but she flexes (bends) her left thumb as she is easing the new stitch back out of the ‘twist’.

doing this really helps! --in fact is it VITAL.

the norwedean/(aka, german, german twist, (in an other form of exicution, also called the maine cast on!) is naturally stretchier than a standard long tail because of the twist.

the twist uses extra yarn (don’t forget you need a longer tail with the norwegean(what ever) cast on than you do with a standard long tail!) and the extra yarn is what gives it extra stretch.