I love My mom!

I talked to her tonight to find out if my little sister had picked out the yarn that she wanted for her scarf that I am making for her. Well she informed me that she had allready bought the yarn and new needles for me so that I could make it. AND she is going through her stash of needles and giving me all of her duplicates since she doesn’t really knit anymore! :happydance: :happydance: :inlove:
Anyway Sophia is awake so off to bed!

Sandra, I’m so happy for you! Moms are so special :smiley:
I wonder what your sister’s yarn looks like…I bet she’s excited that you are making something for her :happydance: :happydance:

YAYYYYY MOM!!! :heart:

Mom’s are the best!

Some moms. :rollseyes: Anyone need a new sister?

I have 6 sisters so one more would not matter. You can join the clan :roflhard:

That’s very sweet.

I want to be adopted too!

How sweet! I got a neato mom too. :heart: