I LOVE my dog but this is too scary! (dog yarn):


I dunno. I don’t think it’s any weirder than wearing the hair of a sheep or the skin of a cow or any of those other things we do. :teehee:

I think its quite nice to have your doggy with you while you were out :teehee:
That sounds freaky now I have written it :teehee:

I have a persian cat I have thought about his fur…

:hug: Sharon

[b][color=indigo]I’m in the process of spinning my chow/shepherd mix fluff now.[/color]


I was thinking of having this done for my bunnies’ hair. Of course, they’re bunnies and so their hair doesn’t smell, is exceptionally soft and fine and long, and warm. I don’t think I would have it done for a dog because when they get wet they smell like . . . wet dog. Most dog hair doesn’t seem as nice enough to me to wear. I don’t know about cats.

Thats what I was thinking Nikki about the smell when it gets wet.

Yarnlady that is a lot of fur is it just from the one dog?? Does it smell when wet or am I being stupid?

I am interested thinking of rounding up a few dogs :teehee:

:hug: Sharon

I would be SO weirded out to wear my dog’s hair in a sweater.

[color=indigo]It’s the undercoat of my dog after several brushings. It’s mixed with some angora. It has to be a long hair dog and only the undercoat is used. Clean dog yarn (Chiengora) doesn’t smell like dog any more than clean wool yarn smells like sheep. http://www.mdnpd.com/pd/ http://www.vipfibers.com/facts-about-pet-fiber.htm [/color]

Yarnlady it was stupid of me to think it would smell. I didnt think until you mentioned the wool not smelling of sheep. Please excuse my ignorance :oops:
I find this so interesting I would love to own something made with my own pets hair/fur.

I blame the medication :eyebrow:

:hug: Sharon

Seriously? lol Especially if my dog was deceased I think it would seriously creep me out. :slight_smile:

I have two dogs that shed so much hair daily. I should use it and knit it up. :shrug:


I am saving my cat’s hair to be spun. I wasn’t told it had to be long hair. My cat has short hair. Am I wasting a baggie by saving it? The fur I get is undercoat because it is light grey and she is a black cat. Whad’ya think?

[color=indigo]Undercoat is what’s needed to spin. Whether it’ll spin well or not will depend on how long the staple (length of an individual piece of fluff) is. Short stable will spin, it generally spins in a finer yarn. Who’s spinning it? If someone else is, take it to them and see what they say. If you are, try just spinning some by twisting it with your fingers. [/color]

[color=indigo]See, and that’s exactly why I’m spinning mine. My Chow is 9 years old and I’d like to have a scarf or shawl to remember her by when she goes to the Happy Walk-in-the-Park grounds.[/color] :star:

Thanks for the tip; I think I’ll give it a spin like you suggested. I planned to have someone spin it for me–I don’t spin.

When I “rake” my cat I get a pretty thick rug. Does that sound spinnable?

I’ve been told that dog & cat fleece wouldn’t make a good yarn because the fibres don’t have enough “scale” - the little hooks which holds each strand together - compared with sheep wool. But it seems from the Betty website that she makes a very tightly-wound yarn which seems to work beautifully. Did you read her “testimonials”?

There’s an interesting article on Wool from this morning’s paper, including the “latest innovations” such as wool which doesn’t lose its colour over time, wool/lycra blend for bikinis, & even wool fabrics with electronics woven through (so your socks could detect when it’s cold and heat themselves!)! What do you think of THAT?
(see Pages 6&7)