Mine and DH’s wedding anniversary falls on Mothers day this year. DH and I talk all day on IM while he works (I’m a SAHM). So he starts a conversation.

DH: hon, pick from Rose, Peacock, Cranberry, Mauve or Chocolate
me: What for?
DH: just pick one. If it helps, they’re colors
ME: okay, rose.

a little while later he tells me to check my email. He had sent me an email with the Subject, “Happy Anniversary, Happy Mothers Day” the email itself was a forwarded confirmation email.
He Bought me THISbag!!! :inlove:

Awe that is so sweet. That bag is really pretty too! Congrats to you and your wonderful DH! :slight_smile:


That’s awesome! Good for him! (and you, that bag looks great!)

Oh wow–the bag is lovely! :inlove:

What a thoughtful gift! Tell your dh he’s wonderful!! :heart: :heart:

Oh wow!! :heart: :inlove: :heart:

Our anniversary is 2 days after DHs birthday, so he knows that I will get him something big… he always seems to forget for me tho. :frowning:

Stink on him!! :evil:

Here’s what I do with mine: give him a list, and tell him just to pick something (that way it’s at least a surprise to you and you know it’s something you really want–unlike a new vacuum or something awful like that! :wink: )

with a Scarlett O’Hara sigh If only my DH would stop buying me diamonds & fancy cars as gifts & only give me knitting supplies instead… :roflhard: Yeah, riiiiight. I would LOVE it if my DH would give me a gift like that! Lucky you!

:smiley: How very, very sweet!! Our anniversary is May 13th!! Reminds me so much of my sweet Lonnie :inlove:

That is so sweet! I love that bag too!

Um, does your hubby give lessons? Mine needs a few!

I usually keep a wish list on my computer that he can access. For specialty things, I’ll even specify the store, since I know that he will GO to an LYS… he just doesn’t know what to get. He’s not a gift cert. type of person, so I’ll never get one of those. Overall he’s pretty good… I just never seem to get anything for our anniversary… oh well. :frowning:

whoah neat bag!

Good thing those are colors and not flavors. :wink:

Great bag, lucky you!

That is so sweet! I love that bag. My hubby is one of thoes that doesn’t think about birthday or christmas presents untill last minute (that day) so I usually get flowers. Which are very pretty and I love flowers but I have a list :wink:

That is awesome!

Happy Anniversary!

How sweet and what a great bag!

Happy Anniversary!

great pressie! Lovely looking bag and what a great DH!

Happy Anniversary =D

That’s so sweet. Happy anniversary!

:cheering: aww how sweet!! Enjoy the bag let us know how it works out…

like I need another bag or the feel to want the bag… :rollseyes:

That’s an awesome bag!!! I’ve seen some other knitting messenger bags, but not as cool as that! :shock: :inlove:

What a thoughtful DH! Good for you! :smiley: