I love me some knit veggies!

I saw an advertisement in the latest Interweave Knits. Veggie rattles Ain’t they cute?

I think I might knit up the carrot one for a quick baby gift. It’s just the kind of project I need. Quick and cute! :XX:

Those are adorable! And, they’d be cute (sans the rattle) in a basket in the kitchen!

okay so my manager was over here teasing me about my coaster sitting on my desk, and promised he would make fun of me as soon as he saw me carrying my purse that i have been working on…said that the yarn in my bag is ugly …hmph…but i KNOW he would have a field day with me making a bunch of veggies to sit on my counter…lol

that being said, i LOVE that idea!! may need to add that my ever lengthening list.

Thank you, thank you! One more gift for my sister—The Vegetarian!!!

OMG! So cute!!! :inlove:

My friend had a carrot that her son used all the time as a teething ring. Do you think you could somehow adjust that so that you could put in some of those thingies you can freeze? I would love to do some for my friends.


Katy, I think that would be pretty easy depending on the shape of the teether. I’m almost finished with my first carrot, with only the green leaves to go. So far it’s been 2 hours or so. (I had to re-cast on about 6 times. Like wrasslin’ a porcupine!)

My kids teethers are shaped like hands so I don’t think that would work. But they have circle teethers that could be a cute orange or tomato! Or a donut…Oh, the mind she is a-workin’!

My son saw what I have done so far and wants me to knit him one. He thinks it’s a rocket. Can’t be too hard to turn a carrot pattern into a rocket, huh? :thinking:

:wink: Yay, vegetarians!!!

I thank you for your reply, but what I was looking for was closer to the magic bag heat pad shown here. My concerns are that I don’t know what to put in the bag, and that whatever I do put in may fall out through the holes.

If you could be of any more assistance, it is muchly appreciated.

Here’s a stretch on the veggie thing. I’ve read that for a quick and easy heat pad, use a potato. A potato heated in the microwave will hold the heat for a long time. Of course it’s too hot to put on your skin, so a veggie-shaped knitted container would be good, as long as it opened, maybe with a drawstring or something. You could make one to hold an ice-pack, too.

I don’t know what the commercial ones contain that you can put in the microwave that heat up. If you could find out and they’re available to the public, you could sew them in a cloth bag, maybe, and then knit a cover.

Just a thought off the top of my head.

Do you really want a baby chewing on yarn, though? Im imagining a mouth full of fuzzies!

I think she corrected us to say she wanted the heating/cooling things in her link, but thought of baby teethers as an example. Or am I totally off?

Hey Guys:

No, KellyK was correct. I was going to knit a teether, but now that she brought up the fact that the babe would be chewing on yarn (yuck!) I have reconsidered.

Thanks for your insight