I learnt a new cast on

im proud of myself and wanted to share.
I am not a particularly patient or confident knitter so when i first tought myself how to knit, rather than carefully practicing how to cast on in a variety of ways and making sure i understood it, i learnt the long tail method, fiddled with the knitted on variety and then got on with the rest of if, predominantly using the long tail cast on.

well a year later i am still knitting and have just started making Fetching for my freind, which called for the cabled cast on.

EEK! i thought.

Then i remembered that this was the year of trying new things so followed the instructions and gave it a go. i loved it! yay for new things!:yay:

i just wanted to share. i’m about to go and try doing cables without a cable needle now … wish me luck!

Good for you! I as well have been wanting to make some cabled wristwarmers, but know I need to learn the cable cast on before I can… I’m glad someone didn’t find it that bad! :slight_smile:

Now if I could just get everything else off my to-knit list so I can actually do some selfish knitting!

Good luck with the non-cable-needle cabling! I’m sure you’ll do great!

it whent ok. the technique itself is fairly easy but i found the second stage where you have to re-insert your right needle to be real tough. maybe i knit a little on the tight side. because of that it wasnt much quicker than using a cable needle. im glad i tried though.

I like the cable cast-on, but I absolutely cannot do it with two knitting needles. Instead, I use a crochet hook in the right hand. Makes it a lot easier to do, IMO.

Thanks for the tip! I’ll keep that in mind. :slight_smile: