I learned about twisted stitches

Well, I think I learned some things this morning.
I was decreasing the sweater last night for the arm holes and was going along great and forgot to change colors. I ripped back and then didn’t know how many stitches I was suppose to have. I was smart enough to have put a piece of different colored yarn tied to the place where I started the decreasing. I had forgotten about it. I counted back each row subtracting from 61 to where I ended up ripping and I was to have 52 stitches and I did. :slight_smile:
I found out though that I had put all the stitches back on the needle twisted. I watched the video here and kept the photo of the twisted stitch/correct stitch from the book “The Knitter’s Companion” in front of me and I “THINK” I untwisted all the stitches while knitting. I even remembered to start with the new color. WHEW.
Off to knit.
Enjoy your Saturday Knitter’s,

It’s so good that you notice and are learning to fix your mistakes! When I pick up stitches after frogging, I just go for the loop and worry about if they’re twisted later. Not a hard fix, right?

Good for you Susie!

Nope, not a ‘hard’ fix but hopefully now I can put them on the needle the UNtwisted way and I will save myself tons of time.
Hey, Ingrid…is it normal to have it so rolled up. It looks like a fish in hot oil. I know it is a “Roll Ragland” but this is ridiculous. I’m hoping when the pieces are stitched together that it will look right.
Thanks for your ‘devotion’ to answering me.
You’re the best and thanks for the compliment,
Susie [/color]

Rolling is only a problem on scarves and things that aren’t seamed. Your sweater will flatten right out when you seam it.

Yeha, I just got the back done. I took photos and have to upload them. I will share them on the ‘share’ thread.
Thanks for ensuring me that the rollies will go away. :slight_smile:

I don’t even really “fix” the twisted stitches - I just knit into the back loop when they’re twisted and then I don’t need to take the off the needle or anything!

Laziness is the true mother of invention (not that I invented this method, just saying).

[color=darkblue]I didn’t know I could knit into the back of a twisted stitch to fix it or I would have. SOUNDS MUCH EASIER. :slight_smile:

If you look at the twisted stitches and compare them to the not-twisted stitches, knitting into the back of the twisted stitches puts the new stitch on in the same place it would have been if the stitch hadn’t been twisted.

A friend of mine mentioned it a little while ago and I’ve never gone back!

[color=darkblue]That makes sense. :slight_smile: