I Learned A New Skill!

In the latest Knitpicks catalog, the included directions for the Russian join. I never knew that it was so easy, and I think my project is going to look so much smoother than it would with trying to weave all those ends.
:slight_smile: :slight_smile:

I have that catalog, too. I’m going to try it for my next project. I love knit in the round patterns because there is no seaming and if I learn that Russian join, maybe I won’t have to weave in ends, either. Then I can just do the part I like most! :cheering:


Just wondering - it looks like it would be quicker to weave in. What have you found?

Awesome! Congrats on learning something new! :yay:

Katknit - nope, russian join is MUCH fast than weaving it in. Plus you get a very nice finished look, and the even yarn consitance that you don’t always get when weaving in. :smiley:

Hi! :waving:

Did y’all know that Amy has a video on the Russian join? It’s where I first saw it and it’s a great joining technique!

Check it out!

Happy knitting! :knitting:

No, I didn’t know that. That’s really strange, because I used Amy’s videos constantly while I was a beginner. I wonder how I missed the Russian join.:aww: