I knitted my baby blanket too long! :(

Hi everybody

Ok I’m a new knitter. I attempted to knit a baby blue blanket worseted 4 red heart super saver yarn, size 13 needles. The pattern was very simple cast on 32 stockinette til you get to 36 inches.
So I finished it tonight, when I cast off my blanket was like 46 inches long! What did I do wrong?
I must confess the pattern called for size 8 needles or whatever size you feel comfortable with, I have pain in my hands and wrists so I used 13s. Could that be the reason my blanket is too long?
Thanks in advance

You didn’t do anything wrong. The bigger the needles you use the bigger your blanket will be. Did you do a certain number of rows or did you measure it to get the 36"? When you change needle sizes you have to take that into consideration.

It’s pretty easy to to shorten it. You’ll need to take out the bind off and rip back (aka frogging) to where you want. You could go back before the 36" and knit a few more rows till it’s about 36" and then bind off. Remember though it’s a baby blanket and it’s okay if it’s slightly longer or shorter… there isn’t going to be much of a difference really if it’s 35 or 37 inches.

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I don’t think you did anything wrong!!! Baby blankets can be pretty much any size out there and still be OK!!! Those babies grow up eventuallly and the blankets will get used no matter what the size is!

I have just started making all my baby blankets longer than what the pattern calls for…simply because I want the blankets to get used for many, MANY years!!!

Keep your blanket the length it is, weave in the ends and ENJOY!!!


It’s okay if it’s long. It might be a keepsake which the child will have for many years. My kids kept their blankets til they were 10 or so. They couldn’t go to sleep without them.

Since you followed a pattern, I’d expect the length and width to be proportionate. Unless you really feel like the size should be changed, leave it as is.

Who says it’s too long? You can always make adjustments, it doesn’t have to be exactly as the pattern says. Babies love blankets, I say the more blanket, the merrier!

I vote for leaving it that length, too! Then it’ll still cover his toes even when he’s a toddler!