I keep accidentally adding stitches! Help?

Hello knitters!
I just started knitting, like, yesterday. I’m getting the hang of it, but I’ve noticed that as I knit, I’m adding stitches! When I casted on, i put on 8 stitches. After two complete rows, I had 10! What am I doing wrong?

Hi. 2 rows and 2 extra stitches, my guess is you’re accidentally adding a stitch when you turn your work. Check out this video, you can see how Amy turns and the yarn doesn’t go over the needle.

Here’s the thread you need to see. It’s about adding extra stitches. It’s common among new knitters.

I just started, too! I noticed that when I would do the knit stitch and wasn’t paying attention, I was wrapping the yarn around the right needle twice.

If you then work once into this double-wrap stitch on the next row, it makes an elongated st. So save this technique for later. It will come in handy when you want to deliberately do this kind of pattern st. Enjoy learning to knit!