I Just Want To Better Myself, Is That Too Much To Ask?

I recently applied for a new job with the U.S. District Court and in the job description is just says “College degree required”. Okay, well, I have an Associate’s Degree as a Legal Assistant, which is a college degree. DH happens to do business with someone who works at the court and she said the job requires a Bachelor’s degree. Well, that got me thinking that if I do want to get better jobs or at least climb the ranks at my current job, I probably do need to pursue a Bachelor’s. Fortunately, I work at a University and can go back to school at a huge discount, so I figured I would at least just go talk to an advisor to see what my options would be. How hard could it possibly be to just go in and talk to someone? Apparently, pretty darn hard! I e-mailed the advisor this morning and she told me to call the office and set-up an appointment. The first person I talked to said I would need to send in a request to be re-instated as a student. Okay, I filled it out and faxed it in. I called back later and now another person told me that I have to have a transcript from another college sent in before I can make my appointment. COME ON!! I just want to talk to somebody. I’m not even sure I want to pursue this at this very moment!! UGH!!! I’m so frustrated that now I feel like I just want to give up and I was really looking forward to getting this appointment! Maybe I should just e-mail the advisor back and see if this is all really necessary. I’m just so frustrated and it’s really ruined my day. Two steps forward and one step back!!

I didn’t mean for this to be so long. I guess I was more frustrated than I thought!!


Don’t give up! It’s very admirable that you’re considering it at all! Just be persistent and it’ll all work out. Remember, “Everything works out ok in the end. If it’s not ok, it’s not the end.” :hug:

I would e-mail the advisor again; did the people you spoke to about the appointment realize you were a univeristy employee?

I agree that you shouldn’t have to do all of that paperwork in order to explore your options. Perhaps you could call and speak to a supervisor?

I have run into the same thing at our local Community College (used to be called Jr. College). I can’t even make an appointment to see the counselor until I am enrolled and have my transcripts mailed to them. It has been so frustrating so I feel your pain! Don’t give up! Don’t let this paperwork situation keep you from getting that degree, it will make a difference, believe me! (as my daughter would say, don’t let “the man” keep you down!) :muah:

I know that before I resumed college, I went online and checked out their course requirements. Perhaps there’s a site online?

That’s so wierd and annoying!!!
Now, I’m a traditional college student, ie straight out of high school, but I know for a fact that I hadn’t sent my college my transcripts or any kind of paperwork the first one or even two times I visited: the first time, I had a meeting with a professor to discuss where I was headed/whether they had the types of courses I wanted; the second time, I stayed overnight (of course you wouldn’t do that) and visited some classes.
Colleges jump through hoops to get freshers, maybe you should pretend to be a high schooler until you get a meeting actually set up?

I’ve found that backing a person into a corner, using a large stick if needed, is the best way to handle these things.

Try and catch this adviser and have a face to face.

I’m with Mason- on the face-to-face part, not the stick part. :slight_smile: I would go down there and talk to someone in person. However, since you’re starting out with credits already, they might need to see your transcript in order to figure out what credits you still need to get the degree you’re after.

What office are you calling? Call the registrar’s office. Not the department heads. The registrar should be used to talking to people who are looking at college as a possibility. They can then help you talk to someone in your department without having to go through all the hoops and pony tricks that you are being made to go through.

Well, after getting a halfway decent night’s sleep and calming myself down, I just decided to jump through the hoops, although I still don’t think I should have to, because at least that way I will have all the paperwork ready so when I do get my appointment I will be ready to go ahead and register. I just mailed off my request for my other transcipt to be sent in and hopefully it will get here in a timely manner! I know how long things take around here, so I won’t get my hopes up too much! Anyway, thank you all for your great advice! I always know I can come here and get some good, unbiased information.