I just realized something

You know, everyone one has been talking about the Monkey sock pattern by Cookie A. I’ve been following all the posts and analyzing the pattern, looking at the colors and listening to people gush about them. I was like, this is AWESOME! What a cool sock! How neat! How could I have missed these?!?

Well (And no offense meant towards the knitters of these socks, cause they are pretty and the pattern is pretty cool. :cool: ) I just realized the reason I keep trying to get started, and stopping. Started and Stopping. Is cuz I don’t LOVE the pattern. I was just looking at the pattern again, and I was like, what it the world? I want to make myself some socks. Why would I make myself a pair of socks I don’t love??? (I know, loving socks… But we’re all knitters here. You understand. :slight_smile: ) I really feel stupid… Cause I guess I honestly knew I didn’t love the pattern, but it was just everyone is making monkeys. I guess I thought if I made them, I might be one of sock knitters (all of whom seem to love Monkeys.)

So… I feel better now. :teehee: And I guess I’ll start looking for another pattern.

Have you seen the Jaywalkers socks? Seems like everyone was making them for a while too.

I like the monkey pattern and it can be used on other items - sweaters, blankets…