I just noticed

Silver is a mod again? When did this happen?


I noticed that recently but am not sure exactly when it happened.

Shortly after the new OT forum was born. It was me that started the ball rolling and I mentioned that I would be happy to mod the new forum. So Amy was all too happy to hog tie me and stick a mod hat on me again so I could.

Hehe, Kristin, all I can really say is, you asked for it, can’t complain now that you got it :roflhard:

Yeah, I know. Careful what you wish for, eh? I’m glad to be modding again though. But just remember that I’m here to keep you kids in line! lol :poke:

hehe, well did I ever tell you that I had a problem with authority? :roflhard::roflhard::roflhard:

You too huh?

At least I’m not the only one. :rofl:

Hmm, wonder if Silver would hurt me if I said “Yes, Mommy” anytime she posted? I’m thinking so.:roflhard::roflhard:

Yup, you’d have to sleep with one eye open :roflhard:


Hey Kristin–it’s good to see the mod hat on you again!! I’ve missed seeing you as a mod!! You’ve got a lot of good knitting mojo, and I love to read YOUR blog about you and your family. You’re very talented–in art and in knitting!

Thanks for getting Amy to OK the OT forum–I LEARN so much here!:inlove:

(Now if I could just figure out how to do a provisional cast-on without getting it all tangled–I could die happy!):rofl:

Uh. Please don’t. lol :doh:

Thank you thank you! :heart:

Yes, Mommy. oops, wait, oh well, already said it. hehe you can forgive just the one time, right, Kristin? :roflhard:

Okay, everybody, exit this thread and brace for impact! :oo:

sonic booooooooooooooooooom!

Ok ok… I’m retracting the statement “here to keep you kids in line”. I’m not calling you “kids” ever again, so don’t call me Mommy. It kinda creeps me out. :teehee:

When I worked at Barnes & Noble, one night while we were closing, I was in the back counting down the tills (I was a head cashier) with one manager. The other manager who was closing came in the back and said, “Well, I’ve got the kids doing resort,” and I started laughing. Sure, we were all like 19-25, more or less, and they had kids our age, but it was really funny. I called them Mom and Dad after that. :teehee:

okay, okay, I was just teasing, Kristin. but you do act all motherly and what not, suppose it’s just along the same lines as keepin’ us in line. Though, to be perfectly honest, I meant it not as an affront, but rather as a childish compliment :smiley: