I have to laugh at myself

I’m only on my second project. It’s going really well. (of course, with garter stitch with a YO and no real gauge, how hard can it get?) And of course, I’m already thinking about how to modify it. I’m doing this hooded baby blanket in Pound of Love Antique White (they didn’t have Lion Organic Cotton and I wanted to start NOW!) and I’m really moving along. After two days, (after work only) I’m nearly 1/3 done. So I’m looking at it, and wondering if there’s a way to put in a row of holes across the hood. Essentially it’s CO 3, Row 2: k2, YO, k the rest of the row, repeat for all other rows - increasing one per row and the YO makes this lacy little border at the ends of the rows. I want the border to be along the edge of the hood as well, but those are the rows I’m knitting! I was thinking maybe k2 YO, k2tog k2 and then knitting the last two rows. I’m thinking of weaving a contrasting color ribbon through the border. Would that work, or am I crazy?

I’m also thinking about my next project. Who says that the fever doesn’t strike hard?? I think what I like most about knitting is that it’s very soothing and repetitive. I have trouble sleeping, and after a couple thousand stitches, I’m more relaxed than usual.

MUST get a Ravelry account and start browsing their patterns… sigh

I’ve got this sense of urgency because I want to take this with me overseas for about four months, and I’m leaving in… 5 weeks. Maybe. More later on the next project, but I’m really wondering if anybody has any ideas. I can post a picture of what my WIP looks like (I like it better - the smoother yarn really highlights the stitches) if that’d help.

You’re a natural! k2, (yo, k2tog) across to the end then k2 will work perfectly, as long as you have the right number of stitches. And you’ll soon learn you can fudge that.:teehee:

As long as it’s an even number of stitches it should work. I’ve got a very math and numbers oriented brain, (see my comment on the stockinette pattern question) and I suspect I’ll really get into complex patterns eventually - but for now, row after row of perfect garter stitch is soothing.

And of course, I’ll post a picture of the completed project in a couple weeks!


Hi, Trish!

I’ve done a couple of these and you’re right on target with putting the eyelet trim on the triangular hood.

What I did with mine, when both pieces were done (and there was eyelet across the triangular piece) was to take satin ribbon and starting at the center of the hood part, weave it through. When I got to the end of that I wove the ribbon through the eyelets of both the blanket and the hood section, which attached them together, all the way around, and then across the front of the triangle to the center. I tied the two ribbon ends in a bow at that point.

This worked so much better than sewing on the triangle. Babies will outgrow the hood very fast. This way all the mom has to do is untie the bow and pull the ribbon out. The hood part comes right off and she’s still got a nice little blanket to use in the carrier or crib.

Hope this helps! It’s such a lovely pattern!

Happy knitting,

Ruthie :thumbsup:

You are good! Many knitters don’t get this far along the road to modifying patterns for many years. Keep it up.